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    Is there anyway to edit the HTML of the blog? I want to design my own blog from scratch but all I see is changing the CSS style sheet.. is there anything easy where i can create my own blog with HTML and then copy and paste into my blog?

    I really dont like blogger but I like that i can edit the HTML.. my clients also want to edit using HTML but i cannot recommend wordpress if we cant do it.. help please!:)



    If you want to edit the html then is not the place for you. You’d need to download blogging software from or it’s competitors and host it elsewhere, where you get FTP access to all the files. Even editing the CSS is a chargeable extra here, and there won’t be any access to the html or via FTP.



    do you know why? I mean like is there a good reason for that or is it thats the way it is? thanks for your help!



    I mean like is there a good reason for that or is it thats the way it is?

    A Brief Overview
    At we are all using a shared multiuser blogging platform and we are not allowed to edit the code in our underlying templates. If we could do so then every other blog with the same theme would be also be edited. Likewise we cannot use iframes, forms, some media embeds and styles, etc. or javascript for security reasons.

    WordPress offers three different options.
    (1) You can edit your theme’s css style sheet or create one of your own only if you purchase an upgrade and undertake css customization.
    (2) If you don’t purchase the upgrade, you can alter the appearance of your theme only through the use of customized headers and sidebar widgets. Note that if you do not opt for the upgrade then this link has information on point for you to read.
    (3) Although some themes at and may appear to be the same they are not; they run on different software. The “please read me first before posting” sticky at the head of the forum outlines the differences between blogs and blogs which are on different code bases.

    The two options.
    (1) You can choose a theme from the admin area of your blog -> Dashboard -> Presentation -> Themes and select one as is. Many provide for a customized a header and sidebar widgets allow for posting of unique images, etc. to personalize your blog.

    If you do not wish to use one of the themes made available at through your admin section -> Dashboard -> Presentation -> Themes then you can choose to undertake css customizing a theme or make your own, or you can move to self hosting and altering a free template.

    (2) CSS customization can be used to improve on any existing theme; you can define your own classes for use in posts; you can select the Sandbox theme and build on one of the Minimalist layouts or, opt for no stylesheet and do it all yourself. If you feel you are up to the challenge of customizing a theme then these link, link, link will be helpful. There are also css resources that you can access listed in the FAQs blog.

    The upgrade is not recommended to bloggers who do not have css customization experience. Although there is a forum and other bloggers may volunteer to help you if needs be, there is no staff support provided for learning css customization.

    The 15$ you pay to upgrade a blog enables you to to alter the appearance of your theme and but not the underlying php code. Purchasing the upgrade entitles you to customize css on one blog for one year.

    And if you are new to then this link will be useful to you because it contains links to the basic resources we use here.
    Happy Blogging!



    How do I write the script that requires a password for a specific post?

    For example, post on jan1,1998 can only be viewed by those who enter “january 1” as the password.

    Thanks for the help in advance.



    If your blog is hosted at, you simply choose “Password protect post” on the right side of the Write Post page, under Privacy.



    You can buy the CSS upgrade and edit it there.



    No you can’t. you would have to modify the underlying core files to do something like that if the poster is here at

    if they’re not, they need to be over at

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