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How to edit my template using dreamweaver

  1. Hi I am have a issue and I would like some help.
    I am trying to take the template I bought and edit it using dreamweaver. I know I need to make a new folder and create a new dreamweaver html document with all the Php scripts..
    How ever I also know I need to save all the images from the template to my desktop and put it the same folder.. My question is how do I save all the images that come from my template and save them to my desktop.

    I appreciate the help excuse my ignorance.
    Blog url:

  2. I suspect you're posting in the wrong forum as doesn't let users edit templates. If it's a self hosted blog you're talking about you need to direct your support question to

  3. No I dont mean edit the actual template I mean edit the information within the template.. is there a way to do this via dream weaver?

  4. My bad yes I was confused I mean how can I edit the template via dreamweaver

  5. You'll have to ask

  6. You know, this is just my opinion based on a lot of theme and customization work, but I would stay about as far away from Dreamweaver as possible when it comes to wordpress themes. I've had it severely mess up the code before. I always do all my theme editing via a good code/text editor and I never work on the original theme, I always create a child theme and then you don't run the risk of an update overwriting all your customizations.

    You also better have a really good understanding of PHP scripting since it is quite easy to open up severe security holes if you do not.

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