How to edit PHP code.

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    Hi guys!!

    I am quite new on these things.

    I have a blog bought Css upgrade and I edited the code. Now, I am thinking to buy the mapping and registration upgrades because I am interested in to edit some PHP code. After reading the differences between “.com” and “.org”, I am sorry, but It’s not clear yet.

    – If I buy those upgrades.. Can I edit PHP code?
    – What software is for?

    As you can, I am quite lose with evrything. I’ll be grateful if someone can site me.

    Thanks guys!!

    The blog I need help with is



    We bloggers cannot access and edit the underlying php and html in our themes. We are all on the same multi-user blogging platform and if we could edit the edits would be universally applied to all who have the same theme.





    So, if I want to edit PHP, html, What should I do? DO I should consider a privately-hosted blog and site using the software ??



    Yes you get a self-hosted blog. Didn’t you read the link timethief posted?! Excerpts:

    “The Custom CSS Upgrade, however, does NOT grant you the ability to edit the core PHP and HTML template files of any theme. This functionality is only applicable to privately-hosted blogs and sites using the software. If you require this functionality and would like to consider”



    The bottom line here is that we cannot edit the php or html in our underlying templates at If you require that functionality you must hire a web host and self host free wordpress software available from http://wordpress.ORG

    However, before you make adecision with regard to leaving wordpress.COM if you simply tell us what exactly you wish to achieve we may be able to provide a work-around that accomplishes what you want.

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