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    I’m having trouble editing my blog. The website is not simple. If I go to the quick post section to edit, I can’t find a link back to the dashboard. I have no idea how or where to edit the ‘about me’ section of my blog. I don’t know how to delete those default posts. I need to add links to my blog, but if I can barely edit it to my liking, how can I even cover that? It’s very complicated and I don’t know where to start
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Don’t use the quick post section.

    Start with this: and that should get you through most of your questions. If you have more after that, do a forum search for the answers and if you still can’t find them, ask.




    It’s still not clear to me. when I go to the my blogs tab, it only offers the option to create a new blog. There is no link to the dashboard, but I’ve already created two blog pages. also I have no idea how to delete one of the blogs i’ve created



    Go to screen options and be sure you have included the modules you find there.
    Then see here please:
    edit post screen
    edit pages screen


    In the grey admin bar at the top of your site when you are logged in, hover over your username at top right and there will be a link to your dashboard. Either that or just add wp-admin/ to the end of your base site URL such as:

    Or, on the main page of your site, click the “site admin” link down in the “Meta” widget in the footer widget area.


    is there anyway to hide a blog from the public?


    Go to settings > privacy in your dashboard.

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