How to eliminate forced line spacing?

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    My blog is although there is nothing there to demonstrate/illustrate the question/problem I have.

    I am trying to write a post where I can press the enter key in the WYSIWYG editor and start a new line without creating
    an additional line of space as if creating a new paragraph. I have searched line spacing topics and they all seem to be
    related to questions about creating this space rather than preventing it.

    The need revolves around posting some poetry that looks best with forced breaks in the lines. Do I need to compose this
    post in the HTML editor and enter
    after each line? (or whatever the current value is for that, my limited HTML
    knowledge is a few versions behind what’s current. I’d really like to use the visual editor, as I’m lazy :-)

    Thanks! Stu



    ps: it was not visible in my post but I had entered the “break” HTML in the middle of this sentence:
    “Do I need to compose this post in the HTML editor and enter after each line?” between the words “enter” and “after” (the b with the left and right arrows on each side) but I guess in the actual post above it was interpreted as HTML and broke the line in my post. Maybe I just answered my own question?


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    Just hold the shift key when you press return when you don’t want added space.
    Or write in HTML, pressing return when you want a new line, then switch to Visual Editor to add other formatting.



    I didn’t know that about the shift key when you press return. I appreciate that.

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