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How to embed a pdf file on a page

  1. I have a quilting blog and I want to embed a pdf file with block instructions into a page. How do I do this? the embed info I copy from only shows as text on the page and not the pdf. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If it's a PDF file, you can use Scribd to embed it. Search the Support docs.

    There is an alternative suggested by Netty Gritty but I don't have the address handy. Perhaps someone else does.

  3. um, that might be it airodyssey, but I seem to recall her post dealt with code and she had a PDF from embedded right in the post. Don't think the post itself was about embedding the PDF from, but I could be wrong.

  4. thank you all for the help! frustration has crept in so it's nap-o-clock for this quilter:) I will check out the Scribd suggestion when I return.

  5. justjennifer,
    Well, I refered to a post that had in it to show some code and the box was showing a .txt file and not a .pdf file. It is possible to embed pdf files in in a number of manners, some of which are not covered by anyone (me neither) yet.

    But since the OP wants to try out Scribd I will refrain from putting an array of other choices (to avoid confusion).

  6. @sanjidas-Choice is good, so fire away.

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