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How to embed a code in the sidebar?

  1. I have a question which I am sure is very straight forward, but I can not seem to figure it out.

    I'm taking part in a group blog round-up called Your Best Recipe (YBR) however in order for me to join the group, I have to include a badge on my side bar. An embedding code has been provided but I just don't know where to put it in order for it to be placed on the sidebar?

    Eveyrthing on my sidebar at hte moment is there, becuase I have put widgets there - nothing is there becuase I embedded a code. Does anyone know where I can do this so that the badge will appear on the sidebar?

    I found this quite difficult to explain so I hope that this made sense?

    Thank for any help in adavanced!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Provided the badge does not contain JavaScript or any other restricted code you can simply copy and paste it in a text widget and install it in your sidebar. If the code is stripped out by our software then you know you cannot use it on a blog. In that case you simply capture the badge image, upload it and paste the code into a text widget and place it in your sidebar.

  3. Oh my goodness - thank you so much - i'm slightly embarrased at how easy that was! Thanks alot X

  4. You're welcome. I forgot to ask if you wanted the image to link to your profile on that site or not. If you did then the better choice will be to use an image widget.

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