How to embed a dailymotion jukebox (playlist) ?

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    Hello. I am trying to embed a jukebox or a videozap or a videowall on my wordpress blog… With the code [gigya] I tried a lot of things but I don’t find the solution. For youtube it’s nor a problem. (if somebody wants to know how embed a youtube playlist in contact me, I’ll give you some help) But for dailymotion…

    Example with this playlist
    [gigya src=""] doesn’t work…
    [dailymotion id=x1sspv] doesn’t work
    [dailymotion id=x1sspv_anarzone_itineraire-d-a-desjardins] doesn’t work

    I am realy lost, I am searching now since 2 hours…
    Help me please!
    Greetings from france

    The blog I need help with is



    explication sur mon blog , ke ce soit pour des vidéo simple ou playlist de youtube ou daylimotion



    You can embed only one video with one shortcode. To embed complete playlist, click on individual video links, (eg ) and use following code [dailymotion id=x6ykey] .



    je vois kil y a plusieurs façons de faire
    car j’ai essayé en collant directement lien dans htlm ke ça marchait sans shortcode

    Pour cela faut aller avant dans le tableau de bord >>>>> REGLAGE>>>MEDIA
    et cocher en bas la case concernant vidéo



    pourquoi les mots sont déformé ici une fois publié ????



    Voulez-vous s’il vous plaît poster sur le forum parlant français pour les soutenir?
    Français (French) :



    there is no problems, I was asking myself if I should better to open a topic in the french forum too. Thanks mamiespace, yesterday i had some problems with wordpress, i couldn’t test your tip… I will try to find a solution, I answer you in english because this is an english forum

    normalement dans les forum anglais c’est assez mal vu de parler une autre langue…

    thanks you all.

    PS : @wpgaurav what you say is not 100% true because the playlists of youtube works with this shortcode gigya… I don’t remember how to embed a dailymotion jukebox but I know it is possible, because i managed to do it in the past, but I don’t find the post where I did it back…



    yes ok but it’s the first time :lol: that I speak to forum and I don’t speak very good English :lol: now I will go to french forum

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