How to embed Amazon link without Associates Code

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    I’m writing about memoirs, and when I mention a book, I’d like to give readers a way to jump to the book page on Aamazon. I understand there is a rule that I can’t make money from the blog. (I understand that Amazon associates make almost nothing anyway). So I would like to add links to Amazon books but without the associates code. That raises two questions:

    1) Can I generate my Amazon associates link, and then just delete the associates code? (hopefully it will be obvious when I look at the html what it is I need to delete. Any tips would be appreciated.)
    2) In the WordPress user interface, when I compose a post, I’m not sure where to insert this html code. Should I just go to the Code page, and paste it in and see what happens, or can I paste it into the Links dialog box?




    I would just copy the URL from the Amazon page you want and put that in using the links dialog box on the visual editor. That way you don’t have to hope you’re deleting the right bits of code.



    I don’t see how you’d be in violation of ToS if you have the occasional affiliate link to Amazon or elsewhere, as long as making $ is not the primary focus of your blog. And if you would be, then I already am…



    Agree with Judy. I must admit that I wouldn’t mind seeing the occasional affliate link once in a while and I myself don’t report those. When you start having one within every single post, that’s when it’s an issue.

    Unless of course you’re doing a book review site and you’re writing actual reviews. Say a thousand words or more per book or record or what have you.

    Staff may have a different opinion though and we can’t tell you for sure.


    This is an old thread but I needed clarification.

    If I write reviews about a CD, DVD or more, can I add an affiliate link to the the product I am reviewing?

    Thanks so much



    Best bet would be to ask staff directly via feedback on monday. It’s pretty much a gray area and, while technically is against the ToS and what is stated in the FAQ, it has been allowed in the past. We had a staff member post once here in the forums that the policy was not set in stone and was applied on a case by case basis.

    I came across once a CD review site that contained affliate links and I was told that Automattic would allowed it as the reviews were actual reviews and the reviews were the point of the site. The blogger went to great length though in his or her reviews and the link was pretty much an afterthought at the end of each post. We’re talking about lengthly reviews around 1k-2k words though, not something thrown together just to drive traffic.



    Those links, if I recall, were not affiliate links. IE they went to Amazon, but the blogger didn’t get anything for them. It’s my understanding that affiliate links will indeed get your blog ToS’ed, rapidly. Two blogs went up yesterday alone on this issue.

    But yes, ask staff to be sure.


    Thanks guys. Will talk to staff on Monday for clarification.



    “One discreet link to Amazon per blog is okay, but if the primary purpose of the blog is to drive traffic to affiliate programs that’s not allowed. If you’re not sure, contact support.”

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