How to embed new Technorati Widget to blog

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    Hi, I’m new and totally ignorant about codes and stuff and I have a few questions.
    1) I’d like to know how to embed the new Technorati widget on my blog.
    2) Is the widget necessary to get blog reactions?
    3) How do I change the font on both my posts and the header?

    Thank you



    Hi there,
    We cannot embed Technorati widgets on our blog because they use javascript and our programming will strip the code to preserve security

    No the widget is not really necessary as both Technorati and Google spiders recognize categories as tags. Be sure to use categories on your posts.

    You cannot change the font on your header without a knowledge of CSS and the purchase of a css customization upgrade. However, if you have a theme that allows for a customized header than you can use different font in the header and upload it and in that case there is an option to “hide text”.

    Fonts can be changed on posts without the css upgrade



    You can just go to technorati and do a search for your blog URL in “Blog posts” and you’ll get all the blog reactions. You can even bookmark that page and put it in your blogroll under Blog Reactions if you want. You just can’t use the Technorati widget.



    All clear! Thank you very much to both!!!



    You’re welcome. Happy blogging. :)

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