How to embed tweets??!

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    I’ve read previous forums and nothing is doing the trick. Using the tweet URL on a line by itself, without a hyperlink, still comes up as a hyperlink.

    Using ‘Insert Tweet’ under the Add Media option doesn’t work because they don’t show me tweets from two weeks ago.

    I download the zip file with a plugin for Embedding Tweets, but only use WP through so apparently plugins don’t work for me.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi, not sure what’s happening in your case, but just to be sure, have you checked the documentation page?


    I did check it, thanks for the quick reply.

    But I just re-tried, and it seems to be working! I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work again.




    You’re welcome!



    I have the same problem. I’m trying to embed this tweet:

    in this blog:

    The file I’m working on is in draft, of course, It’s not posted yet.



    I should have added that I tried several times to click the tweet timestamp, copy the url, paste it in on a line by itself, and delink it.

    Also did it thru “embed tweet” function in Media Library. I got “No tweets matched your search query.” The tweet was posted 3/9/14.

    Both ways, the tweet just shows up as a URL in my post when I preview it.



    It was doing that for me, too. I’m surprised you can’t find the tweets using the Embed Tweet function in Media Library if that’s recent. Did you try ‘by user’ and use your twitter handle with the @ symbol?

    It finally worked for me by using the shortcode, meaning still the URL but with brackets and the word ‘tweet’ also





    Thanks for trying to help. I tried what you suggested too and nothing worked. So I just formatted the tweet text and stuck it in for now. I’m not giving up, however. Still going to look for a solution.

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