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How to embed Twitter comments so they look like Twitter promises they will?

  1. Have copied code from Twitter comments as per Twitter instructions. When I paste on my blog they do not show up in the format as advertised on Twitter -- instead of a picture and clean looking link I get no picture and a long scrawl of address which includes parts of the code. What am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Dear timethief: Thankyou for your efforts on my behalf. My problem is with posting Tweets already made on Twitter to my blog, not with allowing readers to comment via Twitter or fb. Twitter offers an embed tweet option, but the result on my blog doesn't look anything like (or nearly as nice) as the preview offered by Twitter. :>(

  3. I don't know how to help you so I tagged this thread for Staff support.

  4. Thank you.

  5. Well, are you using the specific tweet embed instructions, ie on its own line, with no formatting options, or are you using the embed code from Twitter? I use the former, and it works very well.

  6. You can embed a tweet following this guide:

  7. @macmanx
    She's focused on Twitter comments embeds.

  8. Oh that was dumb of me -- sorry. :(

  9. No worries. :)

  10. Dear macmanx:

    Again, thank you for your efforts. I tried the method outlined in the support link, but all that appears in my post is a hyperlink line to the tweet and not the layout as depicted in the support article. I did not add hyperlink formatting, just pasted the address as advised.


  11. Some browser add the link for you when you paste in the URL. If it's blue and underlined when you paste it in, highlight it and hit the button in the editor toolbar that looks like a broken chain.

  12. Success! I should have thought of removing the hyperlink formatting myself, but once things start going wrong with the tech I am instantly thrown into a state of helpless despair in which I am convinced that all interventions on my part are futile.

    Thanks again for your time and patience!


  13. You're welcome!

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