How to embed Vimeo on a blog?

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    I’m trying to embed my Vimeo clips into my wordpress blog but they always come in 4:3 (square) when the clips are shot in native 16:9 (widescreen). I’m using tags like [vimeo vimeo/1284332] instead of copying/pasting the Vimeo code b/c when I try to do that, wordpress auto-eliminates some of the Vimeo code.

    How do I get my widescreen Vimeo clips onto my wordpress blog?



    A link to your wordpress.COM blog, please? And consider linking it in your user name as explained in the sticky, 8 Things, at the top of the forums.

    Assuming you are hosted here, have you looked at the FAQ?





    It’s not properly formatted (i.e. widescreen) though…



    Then you may be out of luck, unless you use the Vodpod widget or button. You can do a forum search to find instructions for both of those.





    Can we get a link to the video you are trying to post? I’ve used Vimeo for my vids and they do display in widescreen format.



    cloudninemedia, if you want to continue to receive help in the forums, it’s probably best to direct your hostility to staff, rather than to fellow bloggers in the forums.



    raincoaster: what made you think the word “retarded” was meant for fellow bloggers? I meant the fact that you can’t post your videos in widescreen, is….retarded.



    I posted the same video on my test blog here and it’s showing up widescreen. I see that you have posted the video on your blog using VodPod and not directly from Vimeo. Could it be that VodPod is causing the problem?

    I will say this – the widescreen format when posted on the blog is not as pronounced as it is on the Vimeo site itself. Perhaps it is the smaller area rendering?


    Thanks Vivian. If you notice I posted one with Vimeo and one with Vodpod – both which are formatting it 4:3 Wonder if my columns aren’t wide enough with that theme. Could that be the problem?


    Vivian I just tested your link and it doesn’t show widescreen to me. It shows as 4:3 letterboxed. I would like it to appear just as it does on Vimeo here:


    Sorry, there’s a confusion here: cloudninemedia is talking about the standard 4:3 FRAME. The actual video DOES play in 16:9 in her blog, it just has those excess top and bottom black borders.

    And I don’t think we can do anything about them, since we can only use the wp preset shortcode, which doesn’t allow us to set width & height.



    Ah, I see it now.

    No, I think your eyes are playing tricks on you :) Seriously – you’ll note that the formatting is letterbox – which is how widescreen is shown on a 4:3 box. So the video is displaying in widescreen but the box itself is 4:3.

    You’ll note that the video in the FAQ displays the same way. If you look at it on the Vimeo site, the box itself is 16:9 so it fills the entire screen.

    My guess is that when they added the ability to post Vimeo videos here, they made the decision to use a 4:3 display box in order to accommodate regular vids as well as 16:9 ones – thus the letterbox. What would be cool is if the box adjusted automatically for the video.



    In other words, 4:3 letterbox = 16:9


    it looks silly to have it letter-boxed, regardless of their rationale.


    4:3 letterbox is NOT displaying 16:9, it is displaying 4:3 unless you get rid of the letterboxing. It is NOT displaying in widescreen.

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