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How to Embed Youtube Videos to Autoplay in WordPress

  1. Hi how to I make it so that videos autoplay on wordpress iv tried autoplay=1 feature but does not work

    Help is appreciated

  2. Unfortunately, there is currently no autoplay feature available for YouTube videos.

  3. You mean "fortunately," don't you? There are several blogs I used to visit daily that I now cannot because the Autoplay function causes my browser to freeze. Surely I'm not alone.

  4. Yes, raincoaster. For the majority of users, I would say that it is fortunate. It is difficult to find a user who absolutely loves videos that play automatically upon site load. :)

  5. Even better: Music on autoplay. I have Offer Nissim hammering at 100% and suddenly the sound becomes really annoying because some retard decided it's more important to have his "music" audiopolluting my ears. And I truly despise the sorry f***heads who have a player that makes me click pause whenever I navigate whithin the site.

  6. I can't believe how many people have both autoplay video AND autoplay music on their blogs. Don't they even read their own blogs? And now that ads are on YouTube I see so many blogs with two or three video ads, plus flash ads, plus autoplay music (why is it ALWAYS Coldplay?) and my poor little computer just faints dead away. I've got emails from one blogger complaining that he links to me every day so why don't I ever link to him...and it's because I can't even open his site. But he won't get rid of the tat, because he says it makes him money. Not from me it doesn't.

  7. My case is 'java null IO error:HTTP io/access denied' whenever I tried to access one of those braindeads's blog!

    p.s I'm blogging with miniopera via celphone.

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