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How to enable anonymous followers to comment on my entries?

  1. Hi.

    I keep getting emails telling me several people subscribed to my blog are blocked from commenting on my entries. I haven't blocked anyone. They tell me that people only may comment if they're members of Facebook, Twitter or WordPress, and they must log in using one of these accounts.

    Some of my followers are elderly relatives and friends who struggle with technology. I do not want to make things complicated for them by demanding that register with various other sites they have no interest in giving their personal details to. Other followers are subscribed to one of those sites but value their privacy and wish to keep their RL and online identities separate. I am very attached to WordPress and if there is a way round this, I would much rather not have to move my blog to a new site. However, this has been a problem for several months and there is no sign of any change on the horizon.

    Is there a get-around that I don't know about? Is there something I can change in my settings to enable anonymous replies? Or must I really move my blog away from this otherwise lovely site? :-(

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Dashboard > Settings > Discussion

    Uncheck the required lines under "Other comment settings"

  3. All of those are already unchecked. :/

  4. Right well, I've just left a test comment on your blog and all I had to do was enter my e-mail address and name, I didn't get any message stating I had to log into Twitter, Facebook or WordPress.

  5. Thanks. And very peculiar!

  6. It gives them the option to sign in via Twitter, WordPress, Facebook but it's not a requirement. If they're not very technically minded when it comes to the internet, that may be where they're getting confused.

  7. I just logged out and tried it myself. It lets me in if I use Gravatar, but otherwise I'm taken to a WordPress login page. Do you use Gravatar?

  8. Oh - and, it requires a Website address as well as name and email.

  9. It doesn't require a website addess, it just asks for one.

    If you're using an e-mail that's already registered to a WordPress account, then it will ask you to log in to stop people from copying your identity. When I left a test comment I used an e-mail address that wasn't registered to a WordPress account.

    If people are getting taken to a WordPress log in page, then the e-mail address they have entered is linked to a WordPress account and they will need to log in for security purposes.

  10. I wrote a reply here earlier, but I must have been logged out!

    My boyfriend is able to comment, so I'm going to try to get my friends/family to experiment.

    Thanks again for your assistance.

  11. Others who were concerned about this placed a text widget in their sidebar informing visitors that when the email address is requested they can just ignore that and proceed to post a comment.

  12. Oh! Interesting...

  13. You're welcome. :)

  14. That seems to have solved the problem nicely. Hoorah!

  15. Good to know. Best wishes with your blog. :)

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