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How to enable custom menu and menu

  1. Hi,
    I have read tutorials about custom menu my theme is supporting one custom menu but i could not understand much about custom menu, like i have activated the custom menu widget by the following name.

    but its not click able. more over please guide me if i want some menus of my choice at the right side bar only can i do, for example i want to mention

    Would i be able to do that if yes then how.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Are you talking about ? Please specify because I don't see any custom menu or custom menu widget.

    For WordPress.COM, the instructions to create a custom menu are here:

    And once you have done that, you go to Theme Locations and set your menu as the Primary Menu:

  3. You have enabled the Custom menu because the standard menu navbar at the top of your site has disappeared.

    When you create a Custom menu, give it a name, like "my custom menu", "main", "top" or "navwidget". Then, start adding menu items to your Custom Menu, like Pages you have already created or Post Categories or special Posts you'd like to highlight, or even external links.

    You should see these modules (Pages, Categories, Posts, External Links) in your Custom Menu editing screen. If these modules don't appear, click on the "Screen Options" link in the upper right hand corner of your screen and click to make the modules appear.

    Once you've added your menu items to the Custom Menu, you will need to save the menu for the items to appear in the navbar or widget. It's the items you've added to the menu that will be clickable.

    Learn more:

  4. Hi both friends glad to see you and sorry to bother you again,

    I think now i should avoid more experiments, by trying some menus and custom menus i have lost the standard menu bar and my header as well. I also now deleted the custom menu but still no change, should i need to activate the theme again in order to get back my previous settings?

  5. To return to your theme's normal navigation:
    dashboard —> appearance —> menus —> theme locations —> select the empty line from the dropdown for 'primary navigation' —> save

  6. @wealthze, if you haven't already, why not register another blog, set it to "private" and use it for testing? That way you aren't implementing changes on your "live" site.

  7. Thanks a lot Miss 1tess the problem is solved and hi Miss Just Jennifer , how are you thanks for your kind suggestion, i like your suggestion, i will follow this in future. GOD bless you all wonderful people.

  8. Some how I deleted the info on the Menu called menu. Now it just says Menu not found when i click on the tab that says menu. I can't find the tab menu to delete it. It shows on my dashboard and says not found. How can I delete it????

  9. Continued form above: If you go to my home page you will see what I mean. All of my other pages show and I can edit them or delete them. Why can't I find menu to edit or delete???

  10. To edit your blog’s menus, access the editor via the > Dashboard (left hand columns) Appearance -> Menus area of your blog’s dashboard.

    Please read this support documentation entry >
    This article may also be helpful >

    Editing pages screen >

    Also note that as soon as you publish a post the "404" page not found on your front page error message will disappear.

  11. That was helpful thankyou. You got me up and running again

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