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How to enable full width page on bouquet theme

  1. I have installed the bouquet theme on my wordpress site and I know it comes with a full-width page but its showing two columns right now, I tried searching this site for the answer but nothing was really specific so if anyone could give me an answer id really appreciate it. Thanks


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  3. I, too, have the same problem - can't figure out how to make full width.

  4. @andrewwasyluk
    Please post an active link starting with http:/./ to the blog in question.

  5. Please see here >
    If you cannot locate page attributes go to the Screen Options pull down tab and include the post and page modules
    Post – Likes and Shares, Format*, Categories, Tags, Excerpt, Send Trackbacks, Discussion, Comments**, Slug, Author, Revisions, Writing Helper
    Page – Likes and Shares, Page Attributes, Featured Image, Discussion, Comments**, Page Revisions, Slug, Author, Revisions, Writing Helper

  6. I tried changing page attribute to full page instead of default. Preview shows sidebar is gone but page width is exactly the same (about 2-3 inches vacant on each side)

  7. I tried previewing a few other themes that I know have full screen and they, too, show with about 2-3inches of vacant space on each side of page. Could my widgets be causing this problem?

  8. Help! In trying to expand my template to full screen it has progressively gone done to about one-inch!!!! How can I restore - short of doing a system restore?

  9. :oops: Sorry! I checked on my other computer to see how my blog looked and it was A-ok. So I went back to my main pc and tried ctrl plus + and - everything came back to regular size - and then I kept enlarging and enlarging and it filled my whole screen. So I guess in the process of changing things I somehow decreased instead of increasing my font and in the process it diminished next to nothing! Honestly!

    In short, everything is working fine now. Thank you for your help timethief.

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