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How to encourage people to comment on your blog?

  1. mysterycreature1

    I'm pretty new and getting very addicted to writing my blog. But I really want to encourage people to chat to me and get involved in my post - it would be nice to get, say, clothing advice or similar (a desperate need of mine at the moment, Graduation Ball/Prom coming up!), and essentially build up a network of contacts whose blogs I read and who will read mine. I want to be involved in the community! Any advice guys?

  2. ahah just say grrrrrrh leave a comment damnit ahahah

  3. How many blogs a day do you yourself comment on?

  4. mysterycreature1

    Quite a few, I try and comment on the majority of blogs I look at - I'd just like to get a rapport going

  5. it takes time to get regular readers. as raincoaster said, you need to comment on more blogs to get some yourself. also, promote your blog (there are threads here to do that). respond to comments in a friendly manner. ask direct questions in your posts to encourage readers to respond.

    if you've been doing all that already, then all you need to do is be patient and continue those steps. :)

  6. Be aware that the commenter ratio is low. I get about one comment per hundred readers.

  7. I get one from rain, and two from my husband.

  8. mysterycreature1

    Thanks for all the advice guys! And sulz, I will respond to your lovely comment later, just have to go do some revision now! :(

  9. or you could just post in the daily what did i post today and say another hot foto and sit back and wait for the hits to roll inn....

    i know, i know, i'm so shallow...

  10. Most don't comment but just read. On my very first blog I first wondered why no one commented. Then months later I got comments and started to regret allowing comments. There are weird, dangerous people out there online. Just concentrate on updating your blog.

  11. To encourage people to comment on your blog:

    1. Write about whatever issues that many can relate to their lives. Like: 'how to have incredible sex with a banana', or 'work is totally depressing and never worth the pay'. Just things that anybody could have opinions about.

    2. You should leave some things questionable be questionable. Like, "... I lost my job, and that old landlord kicked me out of my apartement. So now, I'm a homeless girl in New York. I live in a hole somewhere along Hudson river bank.' This would sure make people question:
    a. why must you live in a hole? there are shelters for the homeless.
    b. why not rent a much cheaper place? some garage in some suburb, maybe?
    etc etc.
    3. Be communicative. Write as if you're talking to a friend.

    I don't apply those points myself to my blog mainly because I know not too many people have a thing for the stuff I write. I write about Javanese culture and language, and how sucks the Republic of Indonesia is.

  12. mysterycreature1

    hehe, thanks amandzing. "Another hot photo" works does it? Oh dear.... lol

  13. "I get one from rain, and two from my husband."

    That sounds so dirty.

  14. Let them talk about themselves and their opinions, and be genuinely interested in what they have to say. Share your viewpoints, and ask for theirs as well. It's been working for me!

  15. The comment by sulz in this thread: got me thinking about your question. In addition to you commenting on others' blogs, I would encourage you to reply to every comment you get on yours. I certainly comment more on blogs when the blogger has replied to me before. As has been said, most read and don't comment. When a reader actually makes the effort to comment, it seems right to acknowledge them. There are no rules, of course, but I do respond to most comments within a few days. :)

  16. Hello to all,

    Just a WP newbie here but not that a rookie as far as online editing is concerned. I think ppl would simply reciprocate. If you visit enough pages and leave comments, some, at least, would take time to check your profile (because you left comments on their blog). Now, if your comments trigger reactions, you may have more people checking your profile and read your stuffs...etc... Don't push that hard though (don't start quandering, for instance), you'll have clicks but also bad press.

    More generally, It's a nice place over here, so far. Like it!

    Regards from Madagascar :-)

  17. If you comment a lot on other blogs, and I mean good, smart and non-spammy comments, then you're bound to get people coming to your blog and commenting back.

  18. mysterycreature1

    Thats my plan! Hehe. Plus, I generally find other peoples blogs fascinating, so commenting isn't a challenge at all!

  19. Hi! I'm new to this blog stuff... just started internet... so to answer your question, I would agree with some of the comments already made and also say that you are a unique person that need's to express yourself and that uniqueness is usually the key to attracting a comment.

  20. You can write articles that engage readers to
    comment on the article to start a discussion
    dialog between you and your readers

  21. seems to discourage commenters by requiring them to have a WordPress account to leave comments. This hurdle is enough to deter many commenters, and unlike Blogger and others, there doesn't seem to be an easy to way to allow anyone to comment. Have other bloggers found a solution to this problem?

  22. Yes. Look at more blogs.

    What you claimed is not actually true at all. Whether or not a blog requires someone to be a member to comment is totally up to the individual blog owner. You certainly don't have to be a member to comment on mine, for instance!

  23. i've commented on your blogs before. I was disappointed with the lack of response.

    it's a mutual effort.

  24. On mine? I respond to everything except spam unless the internet is down. Point me to one where I ignored you.

  25. truth.

  26. keep on commenting on a lot of other blogs

  27. What the hell are you talking about jseliger? There's no need to sign up to comment and you can also removed the option of entering email, so all the person has to do is enter their name, thats it. WordPress has the simplest commenting system.

  28. raincoaster, that was directed at mysterycreature1

  29. mysterycreature1

    Did I not reply? I'm very sorry, I always make an attempt to reply to every comment! I simply must have missed it!

    I'm so sorry, and shall go trawl through to find it and reply!

  30. mysterycreature1

    Grezakster - I did reply, just to let you know! You got me worried there!

    Here's the link:

    You commented twice on my blog - I rudely only replied to one comment, and for that I apologise.

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