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How to encourage people to comment on your blog?

  1. Definately if you comment someone elses stuff, tho' I warn thee their comment might just be a polite reply, you need a forum, thats what you're looking for

  2. I don't understand it, I can have 10 page discussions on other people's pages, but you think I could more more than a 1-2 sentence response on my page? I understand I post a lot of "political gossip" to counter the other side out there, but imho I write some really good things too. If I find an article interesting enough to read all the way through, I'm gonna leave a comment worth my enjoyment or disagreement with the subject.

    Maybe I "leave no stone unturned" in my good posts so no one wants to discuss it? I've written 80 posts, but I've commented on other's pages to the tune of triple my post size (not numbers but rather length/word count).


    btw: Two good posts on "Nuclear vs Solar" and "Need for Real Presidential Debates" at my linked name above :)

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