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    I originally began my blog on Blogspot before I knew about Word Press. Rather than redo all of my Blogger Posts on Word Press I simply linked my Blogspot Blog to Word Press to post automatically on Word Press.

    Word Press is a very popular site for Bloggers so I am baffled as to why the “Views” on my Word Press Blog are so low in comparison with my Blogger Blog:

    For Example:

    Since the inception of posting to Word Press I have only received 10,516 views while on my Blogspot Blog I got nearly 12,000 views just last month.

    Blogspot view summary:

    Pageviews today: 165
    Pageviews yesterday: 400
    Pageviews last month: 11,809

    Could somebody please tell me what I might do to enhance the number of views I am receiving on Word Press?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    If you are using your blog to autopost material originally on your Blogspot blog, you are:

    a) shooting yourself in the foot, because search engines have obviously detected this and rightly classify this as spam. The best way to get lots of views is to have one website, rather than to replicate a technique developed by spammers.

    b) violating the terms of service here. Staff have said that if a blog here is simply reposting material originally posted elsewhere that it be set to Private, or it may be suspended.


    Dear Raincoaster:

    I can most certainly assure you that I did not join WordPress with any intention whatsoever of violating their terms of service.

    When I joined WordPress offered an option which allowed me to link my blogspot posts to WordPress and I did so in complete good faith.

    If it is known by WordPress that by linking the two accounts that search engines would classify my posts as “spam” it beggars the imagination that WordPress would offer to link the two accounts to begin with.

    I had hoped my inquiry would solicit positive and constructive responses and look forward to input from others.


    Here is the link found on WordPress where it explicitly invites WordPress Bloggers to import posts from other Blogs:

    I fail to see how I can be accused of being in violation of terms of services when I simply took advantage of a service offered to me by WordPress.

    Thank you

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