How to enlarge bangla fonts on my blog

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    Hi I have just launched a bangla blog. However, the fonts are so small that they cannot be read easily. I do not see any button to enlarge fontsize like they have on Blogger. How can I enlarge the fonts to make the posts legible? Would really appreciate the help and support.




    ok i have managed to increase the font with <font> tag. But the bangla fonts on the sidebar, categories etc., still are too small to read. Any suggestions?



    I was going to suggest changing the font size via your broswer control but it appears the Regulus overrides browser selection. Strange….

    The themes are currently uneditable except for the options that you are given under the Dashboard -> Presentations -> Theme -> Current Theme Options Tab and for the sidebar widgets. We share the themes between blogs on the site. You may want to read the FAQ at the head of these forums as it’s covered in there.

    If it really gets to you, you may want to switch themes or think about a paid host for your blog where you can edit the theme yourself.

    Hope this helps,

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