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How to enlarge pictures on post? and some other newbie questions

  1. I'm new here, and I just started a blog.

    How do I enlarge the pictures to make them as big as the margins (that doesn't stretch out of the blog) The standard size is really small, and I've seen some other people make them big. How do I do that?

    How do I make 'chapters'? I'm doing a story, and I'd like to make chapters, one on each page. But I don't want it to show on the top, that says 'Home' and 'About'. I just want it on the sidelines. Like this -> for example, how she has 'Recent Chapters' to the side. How do I make those links and make it say 'Recent Chapters'?

    Is there also some kind of FAQ on here? I have a lot of questions. .

    (I hope it's okay I linked you, StarSarah! :)
    - kara

    The blog I need help with is

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