How to enlarge space for Featured post on Twenty Eleven Home Page

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    I have a featured post (Bed-Bugged) with a photo but when I try to stick it on the front page, it ignores the photo and posts only a couple of lines. Beneath that, is a long post that consumes the rest of the page until we get to the footers. I need more space for the featured post and less for the one that follows it. Or I need to know how to get more than two lines of the post into that space. I’ve read and searched but can’t seem to find out how to expand the area for the featured post. I also tried unsticking it and bumping up the date so it would be the most current post, but that didn’t work either.

    What I’d really like to do is move my blog posts to the blog page and have two sticky posts on the front page or, have one sticky and one “most current” post, but with more space for the featured post. Are either of these possible?
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    Hi Susan,

    While some basic modifications of Twenty Eleven would be possible using the Custom Design upgrade, what you’re wanting to accomplish would require modification of the underlying code, which is not possible for sites hosted on To tweak the theme in this way, you’d have to move the site to a self-hosted option using

    However, if you used the sidebar or default template rather than the showcase template, your featured posts would be at the top in full. You would not have the blurb with your photo above the posts, but you could make that a featured/sticky post as well.

    This post describing Twenty Eleven (disregard references to Duster) might give you an idea of what is and is not possible with this theme:

    You might also find the Themes section of the forums useful, especially if you decide to try on a different theme:



    Sorry I didn’t respond sooner–I had computer issues.

    Thanks! I’ll investigate those options. It’s good to know at least that it’s not some simple fix that I just didn’t know how to do.

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