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    when trying to create a gallery, i run into some trouble. if i have previously uploaded pictures from my computer to appear within the text NOT as a gallery, these photos ALWAYS end up in the gallery, even if i don’t wan them there. so, i try deleting them from the gallery but this deletes them from the post entirely. how do i accomplish a gallery with CERTAIN photos from my computer, while others from my computer are simply inserted in the text, NOT in the gallery? thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Currently, galleries work by including all of the images that are attached to a given post or page. If you upload images while you are editing, those images will automatically get attached.

    So, here’s what you can do:

    Upload images you want to include in the gallery from inside the post while you are editing. Then upload images that you don’t want to include in the gallery from the Media Library > Add New page. Images added that way will be unattached and you can add the unattached images from the Media Library into the content areas of the post without including them in any gallery.


    bumping this up.
    I would be very interested to see that answer. that particular problem has been bugging me too.


    oops, there’s the answer. sounds complicated and involved :(



    No, it’s a lot of typing, but it’s pretty simple. Add all the images you DO want to the post like normally. Then, for the images you do not want in the gallery, open a different tab and pretend to make a post, but don’t really make the post, just use the Image Uploader. That tricks the blog into thinking those images aren’t part of the post. So you can make your gallery in the real post and upload those other images to the fake post, and then put them in. If you try it, you’ll see it’s easier to do than to explain.



    You can also exclude images from being included in the Gallery by ID number. This has to be done in the HTML editor.

    You may also be interested in reading my unofficial Gallery FAQ


    Thanks justjennifer. I didn’t even think of the exclude option for the shortcode!




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