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how to export all my posts to another WP blog?

  1. I registered and tried out my wordpress account for a bit and found it to be quite convenient and useful. So I decided i will host a wordpress blog on my own website domain. How do I export or backup all the posts I already made here to a different wordpress blog? I assume I will need to transfer the mysql database entries somehow.

  2. I might be wrong but the only way I know of to export a blog to a WP blog is to use the RSS importer. Set you blogs option for number of post in your feed to a number greater than the number of posts you have and it should get the major info over to your other blog

  3. victoriacarolina

    Yah, that's the only way to do it right now. Good luck!

  4. I'm trying to do this but when I set the post count for the feed to 99 or whatever it still just shows 10 in the xml file, 10 being the previous value.

  5. Is there any way to have the feed display more than 10 posts?

  6. I went to options, reading and changed my Syndication Feeds to 200 and hit the update options button, and it showed all 200, I would make sure you are checking your feed not a feedburner feed. And make sure you are seeing a current feed through your reader. I use Firefox, to check the feeds...

  7. Ok I've just been viewing in firefox and it always shows just 10 posts. Then I viewed it through Sage in firefox and it showed the correct number I had set in the admin options. What I need is an xml file so I can import it into wordpress on my own domain, sage displays in html. Is there a way to get the xml file without viewing in a regular browser window?

  8. I'm an idiot, probably a cacheing problem. I tried it in IE and it displayed all of the posts.

  9. I imported all the posts fine, is it possible to import the comments with import-rss.php?

  10. victoriacarolina

    I think I saw that there's a problem with that. On the board, podz posted about that (yesterday or this morning, can't remember now), and stated that comments were problematic.

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