How to export from Squarespace and import into a blog

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    I was recently asked to export a clients blog posts and data from a squarespace account and import it into a blog. I was thinking this would be a easy job but not knowing how to do it i turned to google for the answer, I found, i thought, what i was looking for, I easily exported the squarespace data and went to import the data, it seemed to work but nothing would actually import, after a lot! of googling I still could not find any reason for this not to work.

    long story short i worked out a way, its not the easiest but i still cant find any other way of doing it , the link below is to my post explain how,

    if you have a better way i would Love ! to know


    I followed the steps in this blog: and I seem to be having the same issues as you. I don’t understand what is happening. I get an email saying I had a successful import, but no posts appear.



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    HI, rockpapernavy, yeah for sure , i had the same problems, it looked like it all work i got the email too but nothing ever happend, as soon as did my workaround it worked first time.

    i would love to know the reason so yeah any staff out there who could help would be great, like i said earlier, the .ORGs work and the .COM blogs dont , but hey its free !

    Thanks timethief



    Note that it’s the weekend and don’t hold your breath while waiting for a Staff response please.



    First follow this guide to export your Squarespace blog and choose the WordPress option:

    Then, use the WordPress importer at Tools -> Import in your blog’s Dashboard.


    Macmanx, I reviewed that link you provided and unfortunately the icons/directions don’t seem to match anything I see when I log into my squarespace account. My menu is across the top, looks different, and no where do I see an “Import/Export” option. I have the ability to import, and the closest thing to an export is being able to take a data snapshot.



    In that case, I recommend contacting Squarespace about this. We can only help with the import end of things, while Squarespace can help you with the export end of things.

    It’s possible that they just moved things around recently and haven’t updated their support documentation yet.


    Following these directions: I am able to get a Moveable Type file (.export.txt) from Squarespace without issue. When I open the file, it has content in it. But where I run into the problem is when I try to import it into WordPress via the Import section. It says that it imports successfully yet there is no content. I wonder if this could be a WordPress issue?



    Or an issue with the format of the Moveable Type file. Squarespace does have a WordPress export option. If it’s not available as detailed at I recommend contacting them.


    yep following tutorial gave me the same effect, no matter what i try and do blogs wont import the data, its looks like it does but nothing happens, still the only the way its works is the way ive mention at the top,

    heres the general idea again:

      Log in to your Squarespace account and download you blog data ( see Sqaurespace tutorials )
      Install and start Mamp or another internal/test server
      Create a Mysql database for WordPress
      Download, install and create a WordPress blog, any details will do ( you can delete this blog straight after )
      Log in to the WordPress blog that you have just created on your test server
      Go to Dashboard and select Tools>Import
      Click ok to install import plugin and select the import Movable Type and TypePad option
      Select the downloaded Squarespace blog data file and select import
      Check Posts to confirm the all the blog data has imported correctly, each post will be listed if successfully imported
      Export the WordPress( on test server ) blog data as a WordPress data file type ( Tools>Export )
      Log back into your WordPress.COM blog
      Import the newly exported WordPress data ( from test server )
      All Done.

    it also looks like with square space 6 they have moved /removed the option to dl a specific wordpress file



    Hm, that’s unfortunate. Their MovableType export appears to be slightly different from the standard MovableType format.

    Would you please confirm with them that a WordPress export is no longer an option?


    I’ve asked them to see if it is an option, but from the research I’ve done on the help site – I don’t think it is.

    Also – my wordpress admin has been stuck “processing” a Moveable Type file for over 2 weeks now. Can this be reset so I can attempt to try again?



    rockpapernavy, what is the URL of the blog you’re importing into?



    It looks like you’re all set now. I attempted the import myself, and it worked properly.


    Thank you!!! Apparently you have the magic touch because I tried multiple times without success!!



    You’re welcome!

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