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how to export posts as an author?

  1. i would like to export all my posts in one of the wordpress ( as stated) and i'm a author there but the "tools" option isn't showing anything related to that, is there any other way i can export my posts? and the administrator of the wordpress had disappear for a long time.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Only an admin has the rights to export content from their blog if they haven't given you the permissions.

  3. Also, while it used to be that you could export by author, category and dates, those options are no longer available on export. Basically you can export all posts, all pages, or all feedbacks. That means that ALL the posts, not only yours, would have to be exported.

    What you might do is talk with the admin and see if they will export all posts so that you can import them into another site here and then you would have to go through and delete all the posts that were not yours. You could then export your posts from that new site and do with them as you wish.

  4. If all else fails, just copy and paste the text from your old posts and create new ones :)

  5. @kangaroobaby

    If you have to copy and paste, even if you do it in the html editor, your images will have to be re-uploaded and attached to posts, and internal links (such as a links from one post to another) won't work automatically.

  6. Actually @auxclass just pointed out that if you click on "posts" then more options appear to export by author, category, from/to date, and status.

    I should have clicked the button.

  7. so there's no way i can export it until the admin help me??
    well my problem is that i have like more than 2000 posts LOL
    and the admin hasn't online for more than half year and there's no way i could contact her.
    the site was reported as an attacked site so i decided to move all the posts to another site.
    by the way, thanks a lot for the advices

  8. You could try to contact support directly, though I don't know they would help.

    What is the link to the blog you are asking about? The site linked to your name had a post on 17 September 2011 so you are obviously asking about another site?

    the site was reported as an attacked site so i decided to move all the posts to another site.

    Are you sure you are asking about a blog?

  9. @1tess
    i will try to contact support, thanks a lot! i couldn't find the support that day that's why i posted here.

    this is the site i was talking about :

    or do you know can i delete the banner in the widget as an author? the main thing that bothering me is the site attacked thing, caused by one of the banner in the widget and i couldn't remove it as i do not have the authority to manage appearances.
    my readers are too afraid to enter the site because they thought the virus might harm their computer that is the reason why i wanted to move.
    but it seems like as an author, there's nothing much i can do.

  10. I do get that scary thingy when I try to view your site. And certainly don't want to open that page!

    Are you as an author continuing to post to the blog?

    I have other commitments for a while but I'm sure someone else can help.

    Be patient with any answer from Support, and check your spam/junk email folders—sometimes answers are sent there by mistake.

  11. @1tess
    hahahaha is actually nothing, because it wasn't my blog that has virus but the other site has it and the admin happen to promote that site using their banner and indirectly my site was listed as harmful site.

    yea, i'm still continuing posting there because there's a few loyal readers who trusted me.

    alright, thanks a lot ^^

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