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How to fall in love with my husband again

  1. delitemewithwords

    I've only been married for a year, but I've known my husband for almost 4 years now. This hasn't been the picture perfect wedding, and it hasn't been easy. I have recently fallen out of love with my husband and I am wanting to know are there ways to regain this love back? So I know you are all wondering, well how did this come to be. Its complicated and would take a years of blogs to explain and I personally do not have time to go into details. Our marriage has come to sleeping in separate beds, not saying I love you, and just not wanting to even touch each other. I am wanting to love my husband again because I feel he is the one. Is this just a phase? Does every married couple go through this? So world, what is your opinion, as I left out more than enough details. Open to any suggestions and feed backs.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry but your husband is not hosted at As such, we cannot assist with your support question, but must refer you to support at WordPress.ORG, where he is presumably hosted.

  3. Or Tumblr.

  4. If he's at Tumblr with those hipster porn stars, the marriage IS in trouble.

  5. You cannot force yourself to love someone, in the same way, you cannot force someone to love you. maybe it's just that madness of first love that has matured into something more enduring.

  6. Maybe you just need to try something new, go on a few dates just like the old days, spend some quality time etc and if it's meant the be the spark will still be there. If not, then as jessie said above you an't force yourself to love somebody :-)

  7. Empty blog
    FWIW the blog linked to the username of the person who created this thread is devoid of any blogger created content of any kind at all. It's an empty blog and delitemewithwords has not provided a link to a blog that actually has any blogger created content in it.

  8. readytochangenow

    Why? Why do people do that?

  9. Two possible reasons:

    1) not very bright and mistakes this for a social forum, requires emotional support from complete strangers



  10. readytochangenow

    @raincoaster - perfect! The video pretty much sums it up...

  11. Read this article
    And give him to read this one.
    Hope that will work.

  12. The title of the empty blog has changed as well now!!.

  13. @readytochangenow
    I'm with raincoaster. We witness the driveby troll threads and we also witness those who spend more time trolling social threads here than they do blogging. In both cases they are people seeking emotional support from complete strangers.

  14. On another blogging site, they are doing a 'clean up' whereby any empty blog or ones which have not been used for a while, the account is deleted.

  15. They don't do that here, and staff feel strongly enough about it that I don't think they ever will.

    What I'd like to see them do is limit the number of questions that someone without blog posts can ask. I get that people want to set things up right and may have a million quesitons; that's what the Search box is for. I don't think we should be subject to these trolling threads or a hundred inappropriate "how do I get my adsense working, I need a villa in Cabo ASAP!" messages before anyone has even blogged.

  16. RC it appears you spelt "questions" wrong, perhaps you'd benefit from :P

  17. Ha!

  18. My cat turned his back on me tonight. What can I do? Do you think he hates me?

  19. Cats are evil.

  20. @raincoster. Ooh they aren't. They are beautiful creatures. Mind you, my lad is black and sometimes.....just sometimes...........

  21. theinsanityaquarium

    I've been away for a few days, but raincoaster's first reply wins the internet for today.


  22. Thanks! It's an oldie but a goodie.

  23. This is sure provoke a link drop. Chihuahuas rock! ;)

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