How to find a page I erased by mistake?

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    I’m a new user of
    I erased the “welcome” page, which is the page the visitor arrives on when he writes the blog’s link.
    I can’t find it in the “erased pages”.
    Is it possible to create it again?
    I created a new “welcome” page but its link is “”.
    Is it possible to change it to be “” .
    I thank you for the answer,

    The blog I need help with is



    Provided you did not delete it permanently from Trash it can be restored from Trash


    I’m sorry, it isn’t in the Trash…
    I’m looking for the “” which doesn’t exist any more…



    If you cannot locate it in your Trash then you will have to create another one.


    I did it!
    But the page which doesn’t exist is the opening page of the website : the “” page.
    Each new page I create has an other link: “”

    So may I change the question:
    I did create a page, whose link is “”. I would like it to be the main page, the one we arrive on when we type “”

    Thank you for your help,

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