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How to find an old blog

  1. A long time ago I created a blog on WordPress - I didn't use it at first but now want to access it for possible use but cannot find it.
    I cannot recall what I called it or what name I used for myself as publisher.

    When I was creating my new blog I was told that my e-mail address was already in use so the blog is still present - how can I get to find it again?

  2. Contact staff directly. They will probably ask for some identifying stuff, and then they can search and find the blog for you.

  3. blogs stay forever unless you violate Terms of Service or delete them - so at this point best to contact the staff as we unpaid volunteers don't have access to your email info.

    Explain to staff what happened and the email you originally used to make the blog - it sounds like you still use that email so that will make things easier.

  4. Hello @thesacredpath - you type a few seconds faster than I. Oh well - good luck to @dolphinmoon

  5. Hello @auxclass. This time. Next time you might be first.


  6. Thank you everybody - I shall contact the staff soon - thank you for pointing out the way :-)

  7. You be welcome & good luck

  8. dolphinainsley

    Thanks again everybody - everything has been sorted and I now have access to my old blog.


  9. You are welcome and glad to hear everything is sorted.

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