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    I’m new and would like to know how to find interesting blogs to find in this site. So far I just use the freshley pressed button but I want to find more people! You can tell me how to or leave your blog or others you find interesting. Please and thank you!



    Look at the Showcase topic in the Forum for what others want to brag about.

    The search function also works – the tags below the posts on blogs (well most of the tags) are global to ALL of WordPress.COM so by clicking on them you can find Posts that have the same Tag – results do vary a bit based on how accurate others have Tagged their Posts.

    At the bottom of your Dashboard Page there are Top Posts, most recent Posts and fastest growing blogs.

    Most of the names in the Forum are linked to a blog – click and see what the Forum Helpers have done.

    That should get you started.





    You be welcome and happy reading

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