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How to find really old posts

  1. This question is in reference to my blog at, which I moved over to I seem to have "lost" four posts.

    In my Manage posts page, the oldest post listed has ID #5, from 09/01/05. I know for a fact there are four other posts from August 2005, but I can't find them. I tried doing a search for, and got an Error 404 page.

    It is my understanding that unless posts are specifically deleted, they remain in the database forever. But, since they don't show up in my Archives, I don't know where they are. Can anyone help?

  2. If your deleted these posts from your blog after the export to IMO you are not going to be able to retreive them. That being said it doesn't sound like you did from your post. IMO your only recourse is to contact staff via a feedback and give the specifics with regard to the posts. Perhaps they can be retrieved from a back-up and perhaps not.

  3. Do they show up here at when you look at the Dashboard -> Manage -> Posts page? Do remember that Pages and uploads get assigned ID numbers as well. That may be what's missing.

  4. Timethief-It would probably help if I could remember the exact dates of those posts, but I don't, I just know they were in August of 2005.

    DrMike-I've looked really carefully on the Dashboard. The first post that shows has the ID of 5, and I know there should be posts 1 through 4 somewhere! I'll try contacting support, but I might just be out of luck. Thanks for the reply, though :)

  5. Stab in the dark:
    Did you by chance happen to subscribe to your own blog's rss feeds?
    Or did your use an offline blog editor?
    Or did you write the posts in a word processor on your computer before uploading them into the blog?
    If so you may have a back-up you can use.

  6. No, I am one of those people who writes their posts directly in the WP editor, not in Textpad like I SHOULD.

    And I wasn't using Bloglines back then either. Hey, would Google possibly still have cached pages that go back that far?

  7. I just tried a Google cache search, and the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, and no dice. It looks like those posts are gone somehow. I must have deleted that month of posts. Which just goes to prove, do a backup!

  8. I don't know. Perhaps drmike does so let's bump this to him.

  9. ID #1 is your Hello World Post.
    ID #2 is your About Page.

    Not sure about #3 and #4. Again, they could have been uploads or something else? They're not listed under Manage -> Pages, are they?

    Please remember that they're not necessarily Posts. They may be Pages or Uploads or other attachments.

  10. DrMike, where did you find ID #1 and #2???

  11. Those are standard. Every blog gets them. You must have deleted them if you don't see them.

  12. Aaah. Then, I think #3 and #4 are lost to the world. They probably weren't very good anyway. Thanks for your help today!

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