how to find the root/index file to insert favicon.ico file.

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    I am currently hosted by but my blog setup is run through wordpress. I would like to insert my favicon file to my index file so that when my website is brought up my logo appears next to the web address. I have inserted the code after <head> but before </head>, and the only thing left is to insert the image itself into the root file. HostMonster said that this was something i would have to ask on since it is web builder I am using.

    ANY HELP? Thanks.


    From what you said and from what I understood it can’t be done. Just to clarify are you hosted on or HostMonster, if your hosted on HostMonster this is not the correct forum. If your hosting you blog on HostMonster try the forum.



    HostMonster is my host but they have something set up with wordpress so people like me can build a page easier. Not sure if I explained that correctly though.

    On my HostMonster control panel I had the option to use WordPress to build my blog. I hope that makes sense.



    It does make sense, but I believe they mean the wordpress software that powers your blog. Regardless of what they mean, we have no access to those files here — and we are hosted by — and you definitely need to be asking at



    Thanks for the answers I appreciate it. I will call the support line on Monday.

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