How to fix a blog layout?

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    The blog seems to be messed up – multiple themes don’t appear correctly!! I have erased my browser cache and cookie settings, I have searched through my posts for extra <div> tags (there aren’t any) and I have no idea why the blog isn’t appearing the way it should be!

    The blog I need help with is



    Sounds like you have been trying different WordPress Themes to resolve the issue. Good for you.

    It appears that you have resolved the issue as I cannot find the error. If you have not resolved the issue, please provide a screen shot or point to a specific post or area where you are seeing the issue.

    Most likely it came from something you pasted into the content area.



    Here is the homepage screenshot:

    The problem only occurs with my Chrome browser, not with Safari or Firefox, for instance. I cleared the cache, and have tried various networks, so I’m not sure if the problem lies within my Chrome application, or if it is something else, but it seems that other people that view the homepage don’t have the same issue as I do, so I’m not as concerned. Hoping that the problem will fix itself over time.. unless you happen to know what else could be wrong.



    I have no issues at all using Firefox 22. IE8 and Chrome 27 when viewing your blog. It appears exactly as expected to me.

    Mat I suggest that you uninstall Chrome and then reinstall it and run it without any browser extensions to see if that clear things up for you?



    Hi there – I’ve replied in your other thread and will close this duplicate.

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