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how to fix my galleries?

  1. when inserting a gallery, I've tried inserting the codes but not all of the photos from the gallery appear, only about half. Is there something I need to do to resize them or something? They come up as thumbnails just fine without the code. My first post turned out fine when I published it but now all the galleries in my posts are missing photos. Please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are the photos in your library?
    Do you see blank boxes with an "x"?

  3. yes they're in my library and attached to the particular post. I don't see boxes with an x. i wonder if I need to set the thumbnail/medium/large photo sizes to different dimensions?

  4. Just to be sure, I see 10 thumbnails in your latest post called "Saying Thank-you." Are there supposed to be more?

  5. Okay so I just went into that one and put the [gallery type="rectangular"] in the text area. So you could see the difference between that an the thumbnails. Only 6 of the 10 pictures come up if I do it that way and I don't know why?

  6. I see 10 thumbnails in both the thumbnail grid and in the rectangular mosaic. I'm using FF 17.

    Try refreshing the page or logging out and clearing your browser cache and cookies.

  7. The images themselves are very large, but as the gallery shortcode displays them as thumbnails (or in the rectangular type, up to the maximum width of your theme), I'm wondering if the connection is timing out?

  8. There is a known problem that if the theme is a responsive width theme and the width of the browser is narrow, some images in the rectangular mosaic seem to drop away. Yoko is such a theme.

  9. That's interesting. I see what you mean with the rectangular mosaic, but it doesn't happen with the plain thumbnail gallery.

  10. I noted it in my post in October after the type parameter was introduced, and it was also mentioned by a couple of people in this thread although one referred to the mobile theme.

    Hopefully Staff will be able to find a solution.

  11. I'd be fine switching to a different theme-do you know of one that would work? Or how to make the images smaller in general? They're huge! Thank you for your help by the way :)

  12. schoolfinder72

    This same thing happens to me when I try to use the rectangular type of gallery, and I'm in a very wide theme, The Morning After, which is 750 pixels wide in the body. This same complaint is on several threads on the forum.

  13. schoolfinder72

    This is happening on both Safari and a very new Chrome (Win7) for me. Displays two of three images or three of five, all over to the left and at what appears to be full size.

  14. @heids82 try a fixed width theme instead:

    @schoolfinder72- since "The Morning After" is a fixed width theme, I would not have expected this to happen. Please give a direct link to a post or page where you've used the rectangular type of gallery, starting with http:// to make it clickable.

    This same complaint is on several threads on the forum.

    Links to those threads would be appreciated. :)

  15. heids82 - As justjennifer mentioned, could you please provide a link to a gallery where you're seeing problems with your gallery so we can investigate? Thanks very much.

    schoolfinder72 - to better troubleshoot with you one-on-one, would you mind please starting a new thread and posting a link to it here? As justjennifer says, links to other threads that you think are related would be appreciated as well - please add them to your new thread so we can take a look. Thanks!

  16. I'm not sure what a link to the gallery is, sorry I'm new at this! But I did find that my pictures all show up when I use a wide-framed theme as mentioned above. I'm now using twenty ten and it seems to work okay. I notice that the photos are pretty large though, and off to the left a bit. Please let me know how I can give you a link to the gallery.

  17. You could link to a post with a problem gallery, starting with http://
    Or you could view the gallery and copy/paste the url on top of your browser.

  18. my blog is and all four posts are having the same issue with large photos off to the left-but maybe that's just how the themes are set up to be?

  19. @heids82 - the reason they are "off to the left" is because you are using a right sidebar (which has the Archives and Meta widgets) on your theme.

  20. And I am glad that switching themes to Twenty Ten has solved your Gallery problem.

    However, for any Staff that may return to this thread, there is still a problem with flexible and responsive width themes and the new Gallery types. Would really appreciate some Theme Team input

  21. If you use the rectangular type of gallery, then the images will be displayed in different sizes. A large photo on the left with two or three smaller photos on the right (or vice versa) is perfectly normal. In your post you can see both arrangements left and right.

    As for the large photo at the end of that gallery, try changing its position so a landscape image (a picture that is wider than it is tall) is the last one. It will cause the gallery to rearrange itself, possibly to a more attractive design.

  22. As for the large images, I was referring to the large size you are uploading. You should use a photo editing program to compress them for the web. There is no reason to upload full sized images for the web when the screen displays only 72dpi and your theme displays only a limited width. Your pages will load faster and you won't waste storage space.

    Here is an article about image optimization:

  23. heids82 - as others have said, to link to any galleries here, just copy-paste the address from your browser's address bar into the forum post.

    For example, here is one:

    That gallery looks quite lovely to me! Is there something about it that doesn't look like what you'd expect? As justjennifer said, the reason the gallery isn't taking up the full width of the page is that the Twenty Ten theme displays posts in a two-column layout, with the right column currently containing the search box, Archives, and Meta.

    If you want your gallery to take up the full width of the page you could look for a different a theme that displays posts in a full-width layout, instead of a two-column layout.

    justjennifer - I've moved the newer post you referenced into the Themes forum. (The older one is already closed because of its age.)

  24. Got it! It all depends on the theme. Thanks so much for your help.

  25. My pleasure.

  26. @heids82-You're welcome from me too.

    @kathrynwp-Thanks for moving the newer thread and hoping it gets Staff attention soon. I do feel it is such a shame that there isn't consistency across themes when using Gallery types. Users shouldn't have to change themes to get these to work. Just my inflated 2ยข worth.

  27. justjennifer - since you modlooked the other thread someone will definitely get to it. :-)

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