How to fix widgets at the bottom of a blog?

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    Widget bar is at the bottom

    The blog I need help with is



    I have done everything what timethief suggested (one of the useful members on form here), checked the layout issues section as well.
    Checked all post for open html, closed all tags, removed <div> from posts and nothing is working.
    Any ideas guys?


    Does Misty Lake have any footer widgets? From what I can read it only has place for sidebar widgets. (see:

    I can’t fire up the theme right now. What does the text on the widget say in the appearance -> widget screen? Are there widgets there called footer something or just sidebar widgets?

    If you want footer widgets you may have to try another theme.



    Have you checked your text widgets too?

    On the Settings->Writing page make sure you’ve selected “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML”.



    Designdolphin – Misty lake has only side bar for widgets and it’s the one that goes to the bottom. I don’t want bottom widgets, just on the right hand side.

    Rain – Yes, i have checked that option as well. It didn’t work.

    I have found out this as well:

    i have done as suggested – moved the posts to drafts and then back to published – it didn’t work either. what’s interesting to me is, it says something like this : ” If you check your posts as per A and you get the same erratic results no matter which single post you view, or if you updated all your recent posts as per B and the issue persists, then the stray div tag is in a text widget. Unfortunately, the auto-correct option can’t take care of such HTML problems in text widgets: you need to examine the content of your text widgets and correct it manually”

    But i thought I just did that? Is there any other option to manually cgheck the posts? I went to TEXT tab, and checked the posts, but no open tags are there.

    Guys please help? I’m running out of options here




    There is something like this as well:

    I don’t know how to fix thoese problems – I’m unable to find them in the code

    Help would be much appreciated.


    Hi @cocamidermea,

    o.k. thanx for clearing that up. When you said widgets at the bottom I thought you meant footer.

    In Firefox your widgets in the sidebar look fine though. Did you fix the problem? Otherwise would you mind describing the problem a bit clearer please, and when the problem occurs?

    Thank you.




    When I say widgets I mean the right hand side menu that includes: categories, blog roll and archive of my blog. That is usually at the top of the page (right side). After upgrade to Misty Lake yesterday the right hand side menu is displayed at the bottom of the page on the left side, completely removed from its usual spot. The blog is stretched wide (looks funny!). Some pictures that are usually centred, are moved to the left side as well.

    This is when IE is used. In Mozilla, things seems to be in order. Checked on three computers in two countries (Poland) and (Malta: work and from home), since me and my sister are in two different countries. The problem persists with IE.

    Last night Mozilla displayed the same problem but then we tried all the tips from the forums ( going into HTML mode, checking automatic HTML fixes etc etc), and this morning Mozilla version seems to be fine…

    I have found information that new blog themes like MistyLake do not support IE 8 and 7. Perhaps this is where the issue lies.

    However, we also noticed that our visits to the blog are counted in even if you are logged in (both when using IE and Mozilla). This was never like this in MistyLook.

    It is very troublesome and confusing…All we wanted is to upgrade to a new theme…


    I have found information that new blog themes like MistyLake do not support IE 8 and 7. Perhaps this is where the issue lies.

    I can’t get a solid test result for IE8 and IE7 at the moment. In other browsers, including IE9, it looks fine from where I’m sitting.

    However if there is documentation that it is not compatible with IE7 or IE8 than that could be part of the problem.

    I usually go with a theme that is both on and That way it is easier to look under the hood. There can also be more information on it, such as cross browser compatibility.

    It would be a nice addition to the theme section if it states which browsers it is compatible with.

    During theme upgrades it’s not unusual to get stuck during the process. There are a lot of cool themes to choose from, if your really getting stuck with this maybe your better of choosing another theme.

    Kinda sloppy this way though. It should be a lot clearer and easier to check out if a theme works with which browsers, and if it has any problems with a particular browser for example.

    Sorry, I can’t be of more help for you with this at the moment.


    Seems like you are not the only one having problems in Internet Explorer.


    From what I can tell from that thread it has been marked to be looked at by the theme team?



    Thank you DesignDolphin and everybody who took care of our blog. We now know it is IE conversion issue. We truly love MistyLake/ MistyLook its been our layout for three years. We will put up a notice for people to pay attention.

    You have been a great help. All of you. We love you WordPress. Mwah to you all!

    Malicia &Rita

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