How to forward, NOT map, a Domain to

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    Hi guys,

    i want to dorward/redirect my godaddy domain to my

    PLEASE, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease, do not tell me to upgrade to wordpress mapping. I dont want and will not do that. I simply want to redirect it.

    so, is it possible anyway??? do i have to change my nameservers or keep with the one of my registrar?

    Best regards


    Use redirect html code on your godaddy home page.

    Set a time out until you know it works right, then you can actually set the time out to a short value.



    You have to create a redirect over at godaddy either through the cPanel or through the domain management panel over there.



    I just set it up in the GoDaddy Domain Manager for one of my domains.

    In your GoDaddy Domain Manager, look for the Forwarding link, set it up for either direct forwarding or forwarding with masking, and GoDaddy takes care of all the back end changes for you.

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