How to fowrard blog in an email??

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    Help! I would like to send a newly created blog out to a particular group of interested people in an email, but I’d rather not have it sent as an attachment or a link. I’d prefer to foward the actual blog site so that when they open the email they immediately see the blog. I know it can be done because I get hundreds of spams a day that way – but I can’t figure out how to do it! I’ve checked out Safari, Fire fox and Explorer and none of them will let me send it as a forward in an email. The best I could get was out of Fire Fox which only allows me to send it as a link in the email message.

    Anybody have any thoughts on how to do this??




    On the other hand, are you sure you want an email about your blog to look like spam?



    No – for sure I don’t want it to look like spam. But, I think the FeedBurner is exactly the thing I’m looking for. I need this to be super user friendly that will get the intended folks visually excited. So, just a regular email with a link wouldn’t do the trick.

    Thanks for the input for both of you.


    You’re welcome and happy blogging. :)

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