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How to generate traffic to your blog

  1. Federal Reserve Notes = money?

  2. yep, "Federal Reserve notes are obligations of the US Government."


    In depth analysis of the Holy Bible

  4. @elmantheman
    The only thread where one can post to promote their blog is here

  5. Community is very important...
    Within sports blogs, there are 3 or 4 of the HUGE blogs that do daily news-links to other blogs... if you can land on one of them, it's good for a huge increase (sometimes a few thousand hits). I'm not sure if there are such for other themes/communities, but if there are, the occasional email to their "tips section" if you've written a good piece, may reap dividends.

  6. There are a lot of great tips and methods that I have seen posted. It's great seeing the community come together on this issue. I would like to contribute some of my own independent findings. Since posting the following link I have included two other blogs about generating quality page views.

  7. @jmhelms
    Thanks but did you know that the place to plug your own blog is here?
    I think you can appreciate that if we all promoted our posts on this issue in this thread that the thread would be miles long. Moreover, it wouldn't be comprehensive. On the other hand a google search is more effective
    blog promotion

  8. Increase traffic... I have one word... Facebook, lets be friends. I will do the same just point me to your Facebook profile.

  9. @trent
    This thread is not about any specific blog. So, would you please remove the inappropriate blog spam from Tags above?

  10. hzs202, put it on your blog.....


  11. All links to have been broken. The blog has been deleted.

    I have noticed and inappropriate tag above that you may wish to delete.

  12. Done.

    Shame, t'was good advice. Maybe a googlecache? UPDATE: nope, nada.

  13. Here is my 2 cents. I have read everything here and wanted to add somthing which is different, simple and highly effective. But this is counter intuitive. The more outgoing links you have in your blog the better. Outgoing links everywhere. But particularly in your posts themselves. The reason is that search engines love them. Pack those links with as much Google juice as you can manage. Ideally link internally to your own stuff. EG:

    'Did you see my earlier article on WordPress Themes?'

    You will notice that a very common search term is now in the link itself. Or:

    'Earlier I wrote up How to Edit your CSS at WordPress dot com'

    Needless to say your posts, and your links need to be relevant to your community of interest

    You need to bear in minds that most themes have the post title already marked up with the H2 tag. And it is a link. So pack your post title with Goodness. EG


    Next up:

    Post regularly. The more you post the more that the bots visit.

    Just some ideas.

  14. I have a slightly different take on things. Link out as often as you can (my posts will have anywhere from four to twenty links!) and I deliberately choose smaller sites. I know technically it's not going to help my pagerank any, but those people follow those links back to the source and quite frequently either link to me or blogroll me. They are grateful. It pays off to support smaller bloggers.

  15. i am new in making blog. when my blog finished, in blog statistic the click menu not showing anything. but in statcounter shows amount person seeing my blog.and in statistic blog shown amount person seeing my blog also.

  16. these are all great suggestions. thanks for everyone's input so far!

  17. You're welcome and happy blogging. :)

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