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how to get a blog post to appear on other sites

  1. Is this even possible? Say I write something deathless that is bound to go viral and change lives across the globe, and I want everyone to see it. Or heck, say I'm lazy but I want to duplicate the post on other sites (ex. Facebook, Amazon, Gather, Goodreads, Redroom, Myspace etc.) to make it easier for my readers to find posts. Is there some feature that enables this? Is it available to premium users?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, it's possible, but it's not such a good idea; it actually can make your content HARDER to find, as search engines will assume that you are gaming them, and they will downgrade every site that carries duplicated content, including the original site.

    As for those sites, each has different ways to pull content in from other sites; some use RSS, just like a blog scraper, some use various other functions (eg Facebook's WordPress app). For some, you have to copy and paste.

  3. Good point, Raincoaster. I will probably just stick with my current system, which some dub "Amish." I've been paying my niece to be my Internet Gnome, pasting things at the various sites that will put up with me. Which explains why I'm a member of the Facebook Puppy Lovers Club...

  4. Well, who doesn't love puppies?

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