How to get a Page Menu like Twenty Eleven

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    What would be the coding to have a page menu with drop downs of sub-pages under the header like in the Twenty Eleven theme? ( Where it says home and the other links). I am using a different theme, but really want page links like that. Any help would be great.


    Create a custom menu and you will have maximum flexibility and also be able to create dropdown submenus.



    If I had a theme that had that, I wouldn’t be asking for the coding for it :(


    Also, do not poke around wordpress.ORG when looking for information on wordpress.COM sites such as the one linked to your username ( as things here work differently in most cases and the information over there will lead you astray.


    What site are you talking about? The site linked to your username has a top navigation and you have provided no link to a different site.



    1. I am looking for information on a site for for a friend that she hosts on her domain. This is why I didn’t include that this was for my wordpress as it is not.

    2. The site I am talking about is using this theme:



    I want to have a menu like Twenty Eleven has under the banner in the Locket theme. That is what I am asking for coding to do.



    First, since this is a WordPress.ORG theme, you’ll probably do better asking questions in the .ORG support forums rather than the the .COM, which are focused just on the WP-hosted themes and services. Look here and scroll down to the “Search the Support Forums” box:

    Second, the Locket theme appears to be no longer supported and is probably not a good choice to start off with — it was last updated almost 2 years ago, and if you go to the author’s profile, it says “no current activity”.

    Your friend would be smart to pick a theme that appears to be updated at least a few times per year — certainly one that has been updated sometime in 2012.

    Third, menus are a rather fundamental characteristic of a theme — if you want menus, you should probably choose a theme that HAS menus, and then customize its look. For instance, if your friend really likes the background image of Locket, you could copy that image and use it as the background in Twenty-Ten, Twenty-Eleven, or some other theme (make sure it allows easy addition of a custom background image).

    A person who can write code to add menus where they don’t exist can write an entire theme from scratch, as far as I can tell. It’s not something you just “add” to a theme.


    Good advice from @rsteer on the theme, and as they say, the correct forum for self-hosted wordpress.ORG installations is the one over at wordpress.ORG.

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