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How to Get a Post to a Specific Page

  1. How do I get a post to a specific page on my blog. All of my posts go to the front page and I don't want it there. I want it to a certain page within the blog.

    I'm very frustrated and I am sure there is an easier way to do this. If someone could help I would appreciate it.

  2. You can't add posts to pages. Pages are generally for static content, though if you want to add new content to a page, you can edit that page. But your blog can only have one regularly updating blog page.

  3. @shavh
    If you want post to go to a certain page, then you need to assign a category. People clicking on that category in your Categories widget will then be presented with a page with all posts witin that category. That is how blogs are supposed to work. However, your front page will still by default show all posts. As a workaround you can use a static frontpage, as rosclarke mentions, and then the Categories widget. That way people will only see the posts in the different categories.

  4. This explains the differences between pages and posts:

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