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    So for the past two years I’ve had this domain, but its hosted on GoDaddy. The renewal for the site failed and I didn’t realise and the website went offline today. I’ve paid the renewal now but the website is still offline. Any ideas on how to get it working again?


    The blog I need help with is


    It looks likes your domain was renewed through GoDaddy but it also needs renewed through
    You can do this by visiting



    did you also renew the domain mapping?


    @lizkarkoski This is the second time I have renewed the site and I have never had to purchase anything off WordPress before so I’m not sure that’s the case.

    @auxclass I have renewed the domain and a web hosting package. This is all I remember purchasing to begin with but the settings may have changed. Any ideas?

    Thank you both for your feedback


    Hello benevansbrunel!

    I checked your account and I didn’t find any domain upgrade. Is the site hosted at Could you tell us which is the domain you renewed?


    The site is hosted on GoDaddy, I’ve never had to pay for anything through WordPress that’s why I’m confused. I renewed


    benevansbrunel, if your site is hosted at GoDaddy you don’t need to have an upgrade at You need to check with GoDaddy’s support why your site isn’t online.


    Apparently are website was hosted with WordPress and not GoDaddy, so how would I get the site back online as I still own the domain? And when I do get it back online will all of the content that was originally on there still be there?


    benevansbrunel, gotcha! So, I found two sites, one is hosted at GoDaddy:

    And another one is hosted at

    Which one is the right one?

    #2554672 is the correct one only the domain we own is . It’s also asking us to renew the domain through WordPress which we’ve never done before. How do we fix this?


    benevansbrunel, the domain “” is registered at GoDaddy, and to use with a site you need to have a domain mapping upgrade. That upgrade expired 9 days ago, and it’s in the account of another admin from your site. It wasn’t auto renewed because the payment information expired. You need to log in with the other admin account to be able to renew it.

    Also, I found that the domain is not correctly set up to point to your site. You can see that on the link below, it says that the name servers are pointing to GoDaddy:

    You need to finish this configuration following the instructions below:


    OK, none of the admins of the site have ever paid for domain mapping, is this a new charge? Would it also be possible for you to let us know which account is responsible for this? Thanks for your help


    benevansbrunel, the user locosport bought the domain mapping upgrade in 2014, then renewed on 2015, and now it didn’t auto renew because of the expired payment information.



    I’ve bought the Domain Mapping service and asked GoDaddy to help me fix the Nameservers so I can get the site back online but they’ve asked me to find out from WordPress what their name servers our for their hosting. Does this make any sense? Because GoDaddy have been less than helpful in trying to fix this.

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