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    I am totally new at this (like 5 days new) and feeling totally overwhelmed, so bear wtih me if this is an obvious questions. I wrote a new post and then tried to create a link on my FB page. The link loaded no problem, but there was no image (as a thumbnail) to choose accept one that I have on my sidebar that is totally unrelated to the post. Do I have to attatch an image to each individual post? I had been hoping my gravatar/blavatar would have been an option, but it wasnt. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Do I have to attatch an image to each individual post?had been hoping my gravatar/blavatar would have been an option, but it wasnt.

    Gravatars do not dispaly on posts. They display here in the forum in comments, and they display on blogs that are gravatar enabled when the blogger chooses to activate them. That being said, if you wish you can insert the same image into every post if you wish to.



    Facebook has been glitchy lately. What I do is use to add social networking site buttons, then I use the Facebook button. This brings up a thumbnail unless there’s no image in the post. Sometimes it brings up three at a time, and then you just page through the thumbnails one, two, three, until the last one which is invariably the one you want.



    Useful link raincoaster – thanks!


    Facebook is saying the following… but does anyone know how to add the meta tags into our blogs?

    If a preview is not displaying correctly for your URL, you may need to contact the webmaster of the site you are trying to share to check whether it meets Facebook’s requirements.

    In order to generate a Share preview successfully, a website must include the following three meta tags in its source HTML:

    < meta name=”title” content=”Article headline here” />
    < meta name=”description” content=”Article summary here” />
    < link rel=”image_src” href=”” />

    Please make sure that this site includes these tags in the section of its HTML. Also, note that these tags are case-sensitive and URLs must be absolute. For more information, review the “Making sure Share Preview works” section listed here.

    If you have determined that this site includes all of the necessary metatags but it is still not generating the correct preview, please submit a report here.




    Quite frankly, Facebook is well aware that their latest changes have broken something with WordPress blogs, both and, and they are covering their asses.

    If you’re having trouble getting an image onto Facebook, double-check the URL to the post is correct; if there’s a schedule involved, it often isn’t. And if you’re not getting any content, that’s the latest FB issue; it seems to pick up the Description on the image, but not the post contents. Just be sure to put a description on your images!

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