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How To Get A Watermark On Photos?

  1. I publish tons of photos on my photoblog, The Serene View, that are my own personal work. They have no watermark on them. I use no editing programs because frankly, I cannot afford them. How do I go about putting a watermark on my photos? I am quite scared that people will steal them and plagiarize them for their work and all will be lost. Please help. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. NOTE: If you use the Duotone theme right click is disabled but it does not prevent anyone from figuring out how to get around it. Disabling right is not available on any other themes and will not become available as it creates a false sense of security. Anyone can find instructions on the internet and get around it in less than 20 seconds flat. What's best is watermarking your images or not placing any images you don't want stolen on the internet at all.

  3. More on preventing content theft can be found here

  4. Do you have a free program like Microsoft Paint on your computer? - that works just as well as anything else. All you would need to do is to add the copyright insignia along with your name/business and that should do it. You definitely do not need a program like Photoshop to accomplish watermarking. I would recommend finding a solution to protecting your images before uploading any more of your photos if you are concerned.


  5. See here for the links Staff have provided:

    Image Editing Software
    Some have easy options to size and compress a batch of photos very quickly. Packages such as Photoshop / Paint Shop Pro will do it, but there is no need to spend money on doing this. These are free:

  6. @darnelldibbles
    Okay so your username is not linked to a free hosted blog. Does that mean you are yet another Staff wannbe? lol :D

  7. Thanks, guys. I appreciate you answering my questions. I do have Microsoft Paint, but idk how to use it. But I am sure I can find a tutorial online that can show me how to do so. Again, thank you! :)

  8. @timethief... =o|

    I'm sure you have come across your fair share of them over the years, LOL. Maybe you and auxclass inspired me to want to help others - couldn't that be it? Only time will tell my true motives. =o)

    You can sniff out an aspiring HE like a hawk, but I'm more than that. I want to help people and I am genuinely here to learn as well. As you can tell by my responses, I have a long way to go - but I am here for the long haul. You'll see.

    .... I'm more of a wordpress.ORG guy - that's why I have no connecting website. That and I forgot my old username and password I've used the past few years, so I know who you are.

    I've always wanted to ask you this - your selfless contributions here are well known - I would've thought you would be Matt's VP of something by now - what motivates you?

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