How to get back 'recent articles' and 'more articles' and secondary sidebar

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    I edited the CSS to remove the ‘recent articles’ and ‘more articles’ from my home page (which is set to showcase) – but this has now removed by secondary sidebar (on the right) from my blog page.

    I don’t actually mind having ‘recent articles’ and ‘more articles’ on my homepage, but I would want to rename them.

    Any ideas? Thanks


    The blog I need help with is




    P.S. I don’t help with CSS editing and apologize if the thread I linked to above does not assist you. Not to worry as others will assist when they are available.


    The will recover the space to the right of the content on your blog page, but there is a resulting loss in image quality on the featured images since the browser is enlarging the original featured images (470px) to about 750px. That original size for the featured images is set in the theme files and those cannot be edited. Add the following code and see if it is acceptable.

    .blog #content {
        margin-right: 0;
    .blog .featured-image img {
        width: 100%;


    Good to see you. Feel free to delete my mumbo jumbo above. :)


    Howdy @timethief, I hope things are going well up north.


    Thanks for your help.

    @thesacredpath the resulting loss in image quality is probably too noticeable for my liking. Instead would it be possible to:

    1) Bring the right sidebar back onto the blog page. When I have tried to do it, there is a huge gap between all the widgets

    2) Bring back the ‘recent articles’ and ‘other articles’ on my front page under the showcase slider.

    @timethief – Thanks for your help, the links were useful, just needed some CSS editing help too!


    To bring back the recent/other articles on the main page, remove the following from your CSS.

    .page-template-showcase-php #primary {
        display: none;

    To bring back the sidebar on the blog page, remove this from your CSS.

    #tertiary {
        display: none;

    Your twitter widget timeline widget in the right sidebar (secondary) seems to have a configuration problem as it is showing no feed. That is why there is a gap there. I think once you get that configured to display correctly and there are feed items to show from your twitter, the spaces between widgets will be correct. If not, we can help you adjust them to your liking with CSS.


    Thanks. Appreciate the help!

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