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How to get back to blog with error to connect server and SSL error?

  1. I am using an iPhone for wordpress. I have just recently received this problem but a few days ago, my site had stopped working on me from some error to connect with the server on my wordpress app. And when I went on safari to try to fix the problem, my site would not work, along with not being able to get on to the dashboard.
    When I try to sign in with wordpress with my email, it would lead me to a SSL error. But when I login with my username: india182 it logs me in though i still have no access to my dashboard or my blog.

    Please help!!
    Blog url:

  2. For the iphone wordpress app, you need to inquire over at
    In case you haven't seen this >

  3. I'm on a computer now but still haven't gotten the answer to the problem. the sad thing is that I couldn't even get on my own forum on WP on my iPhone from an error to not be able to open the page. The wordpress app continues to say error to connect to server and my safari continues to not be able to open the page.

    The ability to open to my site is fine on the computer and I'm able to get on my dashboard now but it continues to stay the same with my iPhone though all my other applications that require internet are working fine.

    Still need some answers please!

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