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    How do I get the comments to automatically expand (be visible) under posts, instead of them being hidden and having to click to see them.

    Also how can I limit the expanded (visible) comments to a certain number.

    The blog I need help with is


    You cannot do that at wordpress.COM. Comments only show on the single-post page. You can paginate comments on the single-post pages if you wish and limit the number that will show at settings > discussion.



    Thank you, tsp.

    I hope wordpress will implement the feature of choosing to have comments visible on the first pages of blogs.


    Comments on the main page isn’t a good idea. If you have a lot of comments, even if you have an expand/collapse feature and pagination, it gets cumbersome very quickly because people have to expand, read comments, then collapse and move down to the next post, etc. It becomes especially problematic if you get lots of comments. A couple blogs I visit frequently get 350 to 1000 comments on the first day of a post.

    I’ve played with some themes with expand/collapse comments on the main page, and in my experience they only work if you seldom get over 10 comments on a post. If you have 20 or 50 on a post, the delay after clicking expand till the comments show is sort of irritating.


    Just to clarify a bit, there is one theme that allows comment threads to display on the homepage. This is P2. You can find more information about P2 at:


    @andrew, thanks for reminding me of that. I always seem to forget about P2.


    @thesacredpath No problem. It is a bit different from every other theme we have here, pretty nifty for quick communication though. :)

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