how to get flicker pictures in widget?

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    I have used HTML for my webpages on the internet for 10 years. But I find WordPress the most aggravating and frustrating if not useless thing to work with. Millions of rules, regulation, pages, advices, formulas… only to discourage someone who want to get around. Yeah, and I still do not know how to upload flicker-pictures unto my widget sidebar! WordPress is driving me totally crazy! Judy



    The Flickr Widget uses your flickr account’s RSS feed. Have you tried to put that into the widget? I don’t see the widget on your site so I can’t tell what you’ve tried so there’s not a whole lot I can tell you since you don’t tell us what you’ve done.

    Instead of complaining, why not ask questions about the problems you’re having? Why not give us specific examples of where you’re having problems instead of whining?

    You may also want to read the FAQ. I’ll bet you’ll find a lot of your answers there.

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