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How to get followers?

  1. Hello! U opened a blog 3 days ago about Chelsea FC and U got 98 hits to today.... U am giving the blog lot's of hours so I want people to see it.... what do I do?

    anyway here it is:

    My writing's there are long and quite good I think.... but not lots if people see it....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. please reply!!!!!!

  3. 98 hits and it's only three days old- that's not bad going you know. Well done.

  4. thanks!

  5. anyway, is there any way you think I can improve my blog? it's very important for me! thanks:)

  6. I suggest finding and commenting on similar blogs. That's a good way to increase your followers and fan base.

    If not, then you can always spam every Chelsea player's twitter feed until you get noticed. hehe

  7. good idea! haha

    anyway do you have ways to improve it? thanks a lot for the help!

  8. I'll definitely follow! I'm a fellow Chelsea FC fan :)

  9. becomingcliche

    I agree totally on visiting other blogs and commenting. Meaningful comments create a dialog and make people want to come and visit you.

  10. Witout doubt commenti ng on other blogs is the most effective way of getting more traffic. If the blogs you comment on have similar content then the bloggers may also backlink to your posts in new post of their own on the same subject. Backlinks are the most important of the many factors that are in play when page rank is determined.

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